About LSAS and our partners

The global market for life science and welfare technology solutions is growing rapidly as a result of a growing middle class, more elderly citizens, and an increase in lifestyle and chronic diseases. The ÖKS region has a common position of strength within life science, and if this common area of strength is supported, Scandinavia can become a showcase for innovative health solutions for the benefit of growth, employment, exports, and public health in the entire area.

This project will develop and offer a 360-degree product development program for startups within life science, which ensures an early and structured effort in each product development phase. It is the project’s goal to strengthen the innovation capacity of startups in the ÖKS area, by ensuring that marketable products are fully developed, which in the long term creates increased survival, growth, and scalability among participating startups.

Life Science Academy is a 3-year project co-founded by the EU-program Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak, which supports joint projects in the southwest of Scandinavia that promote the development of social innovation, green economy, transportation, and employment.

We have partners from all over the ÖKS Region

Medicon Valley Alliance

Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) is the non-profit membership organization for the Danish-Swedish life science cluster Medicon Valley. Our 300+ members represent the region’s triple helix and include universities, hospitals, life science businesses, regional governments, selected municipalities and service providers.

We create value for our members by co-hosting, launching and driving meetings, networks, seminars, conferences and projects, that strengthen the collaboration, networking and knowledge-sharing in the regions life science community, create critical mass and help realizing the full potential of Medicon Valley. 


Knowledge Hub Zealand

Knowledge Hub Zealand was founded in 2016 as an association and a partnership consisting of Region Zealand, Kalundborg Municipality, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes and a range of educational institutions.  Knowledge Hub Zealand supports knowledge, research, and innovation in Region Zealand – with a specific focus on the development within biosolutions and biomanufacturing in Northwest Zealand.

Together with the industry in the Biotech City, Kalundborg, Knowledge Hub Zealand is building a ground-breaking center for development of advanced biotech production, education, and startups.


DTU Skylab

Nestled within the primary DTU Campus in Lyngby, DTU Skylab thrives in a 5500-square-meter facility featuring labs, workshops, auditoriums, open spaces, and project rooms. Skylab provides a cross-disciplinary learning environment that cultivates a unique culture of education and innovation, driven by the convergence of technologies and talent from diverse fields, complemented by an
entrepreneurial mindset.

Skylab extends support in the form of soft funding, business acceleration, prototyping, and growth space for deep tech start-ups and pre-startup projects. Moreover, DTU Skylab functions as the host for a multitude of extracurricular events and programs initiated by both our staff and the broader community. 


FIERS – Life Science Innovation DK

FIERS and Life Science Innovations aim to create an optimal environment for start-ups, SMEs, and collaboration with international life science partners. The Life Science Innovation Hub (Innohub) focuses on improving healthcare innovation to benefit users and professionals. Region Zealand, Nykøbing Falster Hospital, and FIERS collaborate to enhance health and well-being through innovation.

The Innohub supports digital life science, connecting innovators to data, clinical knowledge, and testing facilities, expediting the innovation process. This aids a healthcare sector under pressure to meet today’s demands. In summary, FIERS and its partners work collaboratively to advance health innovation, addressing current challenges in the healthcare sector. 


Danish Technological Institute

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is a non-profit, self-owned research organization committed to enhancing businesses through the application of innovative technologies. As an approved Technological Service Institution – GTS, and with a team of 1050 specialists spread across six locations, DTI maintains a robust turnover of 150 million Euro. Our state-of-the-art infrastructures and world-class facilities span critical sectors such as energy and climate, food production, biotechnology, materials, and construction.

For entrepreneurs we provide a comprehensive range of services, including structured idea and business development, prototyping facilities and licensing assistance. Furthermore, we provide guidance to our commercially-based internal centers, a strategic move that gives entrepreneurs the advantage of leveraging “the test and certification process” to accelerate their business growth.


University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

The University of Southern Denmark have five faculties with more than 27,000 students, almost 20% of whom are from abroad, and more than 3,800 employees distributed across our main campus in Odense and regional campuses in Slagelse, Kolding, Esbjerg and Sønderborg. Several international studies document that we conduct world-class research and are one of the top fifty young universities in the world.

With around 115 different study programmes in the fields of the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences and engineering, graduates of the University of Southern Denmark are now members of virtually every profession in the international community.


The Life Science Cluster

The Life Science Cluster is a network for all companies and organisations for which life science is key. 
We have over 100 members across the health, technology, marine, and agriculture sectors. We aim to strengthen collaboration and knowledge sharing in industry, academia, and the private and public
sectors, thus contributing to more new jobs in internationally competitive export industries. 

The cluster drives collaboration among industries, research institutes, and clinics, fostering expertise sharing, boosting industry-academia ties, supports talent, aiding startups and financing, attracting investors and enhancing members’ competency in their respective fields


Högskolan i Halmstad

Halmstad University is an innovative and value driving university with the two focus areas Health Innovation and Smart Cities and Communities. The university is collaborating with industry to a large extent in education, research and other projects. There are four innovation and collaboration arenas at the university, among one is the FabLab arena with a multi disciplinary focus on design and prototyping. Other arenas are the Health Lab, Leap for Life and Digital Learning Centre.

FabLab innovation arena is the main partner in the Life Science Academy consortium. In relation to Health Innovation, Halmstad University has two research programs; Information driven care, and Movement 4 Health and Performance. These are multi disciplinary, and a wide range of competences are collaborating on health related challenges in society.


Erhvervshus Sjælland

Erhvervshus Sjælland is one of six cross-municipal business centres in Denmark with the aim of helping entrepreneurs and SME’s. We employ around 60 people, roughly 30 of these are business developers. All entrepreneurs and SME’s are welcome to contact us if they wish to start or further develop a business.

We run and are part of many business development projects around Denmark and EU, e.g. Biosolutions Zealand and Life Science Academy for Startups.


SmiLe Incubator

SmiLe Incubator is a life science business incubator based in Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. SmiLe offers business coaching, a broad international industry and investor network and a unique laboratory infrastructure with state-of-the art instrumentation. Since the start, SmiLe has helped 100+ entrepreneurs commercialize their business ideas.

Currently there are some 30 companies in SmiLe incubator which, together with alumni companies, have attracted more than EUR 805 million in venture capital since 2014. To date, 21 of SmiLe’s companies have launched an IPO.



Questions? You’re not alone!

We are seeking startups within life science and health innovation. Whether you’re involved in research and development, consulting, manufacturing, or sales, our comprehensive support covers the entire spectrum. Regardless of whether you’re a start-up company taking your first steps or if you are about to make your first sale, we’ve got your back. 

To apply you have to possess an organization number/CVR number, be located in the ÖKS region (see here), comply with de minimis regulations (read more here), and employ fewer than 250 individuals.

Read more here!

Yes, to apply to the program have to possess an organization number/CVR number, but don’t worry, we can help you with that. Contact us.

The program is all run in English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, depending on your needs. The application can be written in all four languages. Please note, that much of the program will be in English.

Small companies in the EU can receive small amounts of state aid (‘de minimis’ aid) that are exempt from State aid control, as they are deemed to have no impact on competition and trade in the internal market of the European Union (EU). The ceiling amount for de minimis aid amounts to 300 000 euros over a period of three years. If you have received state aid before, you need to be aware of your remaining funds before joining the program since the program has a financial value that affects your de minimis state aid. The expected amount for this program is 9522 euros.

Do you have more questions, please, contact us at lsacademy@ehsj.dk

Please, feel free to contact us at lsacademy@ehsj.dk

You should have received a confirmation e-mail (if not, please check your spam inbox and contact lsacademy@ehsj.dk if necessary). Once we have reviewed your application , a startup coach will reach out to you. Read more about the application process here!

Enrolling in the program comes at no cost. Your contribution is in the form of dedicated time and, possibly, some travel costs.

The program is both online and physical. Some events will be physical, for example, the kickoff. However, some activities can be online, for example, startup coaching. It depends on your needs as well as the activities you choose to participate in.

The program  includes a mix of online and physical sessions such as startup coaching, training camps, pitching, matchmaking events, and more. Read more here!

The program is unique since it is developed to fit life science companies and to partly be shaped according to your specific needs. Upon acceptance, participants will progress through various stages within the program, including a comprehensive 360-degree analysis, the formulation of an action plan, participation in training camps, engagement in a pitch event, involvement in matchmaking workshops, and participation in matchmaking events.

Due to the collaboration between Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, you will also get unique access to the network, test facilities, experts, industry, and more in the Southern Scandinavian market.

Yes. However, the program is designed for founding team members. You can decide later on who is going to participate. It often makes sense if all founding team members participate to some degree. To some extent, it will be possible for other team members to participate as well. You will talk to the startup coach about this. We will need one person to be the primary contact (the one who creates the application).

Yes. If you have added the (founding) team member in the application, the team member can participate in activities if relevant. Do you need to adjust your application to add more team members? Contact us at lsacademy@ehsj.dk.

This is a tailor-made program and we will only make you use time on something necessary for you to further develop your company. This means that it is not a standard program, where everyone has to participate in the same elements. We will tailor it together with you!

To do that, the only thing you commit to is the 360 analysis. This is an in-depth analysis, where you sit with your startup coach to find out what your challenges are. This interview will take a couple of hours. After this, a tailor-made action plan will be made for you. Depending on your needs and requirements, you will attend a kick-off event and training camps/1:1 classes that may last from hours to a few days.

You may also be selected for the chance to connect and match with various stakeholders within our extensive Southern Scandinavian network and receive a specific amount of financial support to initiate the collaboration. If you are selected to get access to this opportunity, we will require you to be well-prepared. You will talk to your startup coach about the requirements and commitment, if this is relevant.

The ÖKS Region

We firmly believe that cross-border collaboration not only fosters closer connections but also yields added value. The diverse perspectives from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway contribute to enriching our knowledge and problem-solving capabilities. The project is co-founded by Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak (ÖKS-region), an EU program working to strengthen cooperation across borders.

1. The North Denmark Region, 2. Central Jutland, 3. Zealand, 4. The Capital Region of Denmark, 5. Skåne, 6. Halland, 7. Västra Götaland, 8. Østfold, 9. Akershus, 10. Oslo, 11. Vestfold, 12. Buskerud, 13. Telemark, and 14. Agder.