Unlock the full potential of your life science startup with our program designed to address your unique needs and challenges. Acknowledging the unique development journey of each startup, our program is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we collaborate with you to customize your journey.

The program is divided into various stages and activities, allowing you to navigate the program based on your specific requirements. Start your journey with the first program activity, a comprehensive 360° analysis, and proceed to personalize the remaining activities.

Program Elements

Get guidance from one of our experienced startup coaches who will follow you through the program, from the beginning to the end.

Your assigned coach will possess expertise in the specific landscape you operate in. Collaborate with your coach to navigate the various program steps, tailoring them to align with your specific needs.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your startup and of the industrial landscape you operate in with the help of our 360° product development tool designed for the life science sector.

With help from one of our experienced startup coaches, you can easily identify your startup’s strengths and weaknesses and together determine what areas you should focus on to accelerate your competencies and startup.

Collaborate with your startup coach to create a strategic tailor-made action plan for your next crucial steps and decide if you are ready to address them in the next step of the program.

Join the program’s kickoff event. Engage in face-to-face networking with fellow startups, program startup coaches, and the hosting organizations involved in the project. Immerse yourself in a dynamic event agenda filled with enriching activities, networking opportunities, delicious food, and inspiring talks, ensuring an exciting and fruitful experience!


10.00-10.45: Arrival and mingling
10.45-11.00: Welcoming speech
11.00-11.30: Keynote speaker – Marcelina Dutkiewicz
11.30-11.45: Break
11.45-12.00: Empower-pitches
12.00-12.30: Workshop
12.30-12.45: Break
12.45-13.00: Empower-pitches
13.00-13.30: Keynote speaker – Sibel Karina Arnes
13.30-14.00: Workshop
14.00-14.15: Farewells
14.15-14.30: Mingling
14.30-16.00: Afterparty


Sibel Karina Arnes
Sibel Karina Arnes, Director at Adelis Equity Partners, boasts a rich background in healthcare private equity, strategic management, and consulting. Specialized in supporting life science companies on ambitious growth journeys, she has excelled in varied roles, including positions at Novo Holdings, Bain & Company, and Dalberg Global Development Advisors, among others. Armed with a BSc in International Business & Politics and an MSc in Finance & Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School, as well as 10 years of experience of developing healthcare & life science businesses, Sibel is devoted to driving innovation and sustainable long term growth in her investments.

Marcelina Dutkiewicz 
Marcelina Dutkiewicz, armed with an MSc in Mathematical Modelling & Computation, plays a vital role at Genmab, a top Danish biotech firm specializing in antibody therapeutics. She gathers and scopes early AI & Digital use cases in R&D and provides prioritization. For the use cases promising the highest gains for the organization Marcelina leads strategic roadmap development and drives testing and scaling through PoCs and Pilots and ensures later use as products. Additionally, Marcelina mentors life science startups, fostering their growth. With previous roles in statistics, R&D project management and innovation, at Novo Nordisk and Leo Pharma, her experience adds immense value to the biotech sector.

Ready to put your action plan into action? Fantastic! Join the next step of the program to acquire the skills you need to overcome your startup’s challenges through our hands-on training camps.

Participate in the sessions that are relevant for you and your startup in order to move forward on your development journey. The online training camps are led by experts in the area and offer not only theoretical knowledge but also hands-on, practical workshops ensuring a dynamic learning experience.

Tailor your participation based on your startup’s requirements, ranging from a few hours to a maximum of three days. Explore and choose the training camps that align with your development goals: 

  • Customer & Market
  • Team & Leadership
  • Strategy & Business Model
  • IP & Legal
  • Financial Strategy
  • Regulatory
  • From Concept to Customer – Högskolan i Halmstad
  • Product Optimization – DTU Skylab

Now, is it time for you to show off your startup and find your next collaborator? We will help you! Through a variety of matchmaking and networking events, you will have the possibility to connect and expose your startup across Southern Scandinavia. Engage in networking sessions and build connections with fellow startups, investors, and specialists across Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. We assist you through the matchmaking process and connect you with a collaborator perfectly aligned with your goals. These are the possible matches:

  • Specialists:
    • Private advisors, organizations, or researchers in e.g patenting, quality assurance, legislation, design and functionality, product development, and scaling strategy.
    • Investors 
    • Advisory board with specialist skills
  • Physical facilities:
    • Test facilities at universities, incubators, research parks, institutes etc. as well as help with prototype, demo, or minimal viable product models. 
    • Method development and upscaling facilities that can close the gap from laboratory/test to full scale production. 
  • Corporate and scaleup coaches:
    • A coach from a larger company/scaleup or industrial specialist player who can provide sparring regarding product development and marketing.
    • Innovation collaborations to develop or test the product further with a larger company.

Do you need access to test- or demo facilities, or do you need specific private counseling? You may qualify for our financial support up to 3 800 € to kickstart your match.